Nalon’s River Folk Descent

The Descenso Folklórico del Nalón is a summer-aquatic-carnival recognized as Festival of Regional Tourist Interest in Asturias since 1991. This recognition has been possible thanks to its extensive historical trajectory.

Peña Los Peores descendiendo el río en el 2018

The Descenso Folklórico del Nalón is celebrated in Pola de Laviana, in the council of Laviana, Asturias, on the third Saturday of August. Unless it coincides with the national holiday of August 15, then it moves to the fourth Saturday of the month.

Las Peñas are the "engine" and the active part of the Descenso Folklórico del Nalón. Their main objective is to build the boat to parade the Day of the festival.

The theme of the boats can be the most varied, ranging from satirical motifs on current affairs to themes related to comics or totally free.

All the efforts of the Peñas are aimed at executing the best boat and getting the highest award: the Sopera, being the Soperina, in the case of the youngest

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