The Floats

The center of the celebration

Just as "Las Peñas" (the teams) are the engine of the "Descenso Folklórico del Nalón", the floats are the center of the celebration. The teams put their efford and imagination to create the best result and, if possible, win the competition and be awarded with "La Sopera", the prize for the adult category or "la Soperina" for the children category. Teams can also be awarded in special categories such as Asturianía (Folkest and most traditional team), Folixia (the Cheerful team) or Best Costumes award. 

Floats and its technical evolution

The floats usually consist of a central composition that may be surrounded by other figures. The materials used for its execution go from recycling items to, in recent years, the incursion of more modern materials such as expanded polystyrene or polyspan.

The introduction of new materials and techniques is mainly due to the training provided in 2017 in Pola de Laviana to the team members by José Ramón Espuig Escrivá, president of the "Artisan Guild of Artists from Valencia Fallas", and Ximo Esteve, "Maestro Fallero"

Floats Galery

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