Descenso´s rules

Two meetings with the captains of the teams will be held, one on August the 2nd at 7:00 p.m., and the next one on August 14th at CIDAN in Pola de Laviana.


Participation in both meetings is essential, since safety guidelines will be given, float numbers will be assigned, etc. The absence on these meetings will be considered by the organization as a lack of interest and these team floats can be sanctionned.


From Wednesday 25th of July a pre-registration is required. This registartion must be done by one of the captains of each float. Each team will receive a username and password to access the registration system. These data are unique to each float and must be retained since they are needed to access the system for any changes and inquiries.

All the information required (name of the float, dimensions, name of the Peña…) must be correctly filled out on this registration system by one of the persons in charge of each float.

IMPORTANT! These names that will appear in any publication as well as any other information will be registered by this system. These are OFFICIAL DATA, so please be sure there are no mistakes. This informaiton is subject to change by the organization at the time of publication, if it is considered offensive, foul, illegal or in bad taste.

By Wednesday 15th August, all the floats must be registered on the computer system with the complete list of its participants, including name, surname, ID and date of birth, indicating which of them are the captains. In order to make easier the inclusion of these data for the most numerous teams, once a person’s ID who participated in the previous editions is entered, the computer application will autocomplete the rest of the information. Keep in mind thatMonday, August 13th will be the deadline to collect the documentation and captains’ bracelets at the buiding of CIDAN, Pola de Laviana.

The presentation of this list is mandatory. If a team don’t do it, their float can be excluded from participating. If the float is presented with more or less members of those registered, it will be under their responsibility and the organization will only compute and consider those registered in the system.

Acces to registration:

It is totally forbidden the go on to parade’s area with any CART (such us supermarket carts, pallets with 4 wheels …) not registered as a float. These carts should parade after the last registered float. The security staff of the organization will be responsible for ensuring compliance with this section.

Small groups using this type of chart are encouraged to sign up, as it is easy and free.



The assigment will be done during the 2nd meeting of captains (August 14th) as follows:

    • Floats classified from 1st to 15th in the previous edition will choose their number following this order. That is, the winner will choose the position desired from among all possible (for that day the registration will be completed and we will know exactly total number of floats). After, the team who was on the 2nd possition will choose, then the 3rd and so on until the 15th.
    • The rest of the floats will enter in a raffle in which the rest of the numbers will be assigned.
    • First positions in the parade are reserved for “Soperina” floats (children category). The participants of the previous year will choose among their positions according to their order of classification. The new ones will be drawn.
    • In case there is no representative person for a float, this float will loose the right to choose their departure position and will pass directly to the raffle with the rest of the groups.




All floats will have CAPTAINS. They will be part of the organization and responsible for their float and the participants enrolled in it.

An identification sign with the number of the float will be provided at the time of registration and it must be carried throughout the parade. Besides, a copy of the captains ID will be requested.

Their mission is to take responsibility for your float and its participants, as well as make sure the parade and the descent down the river are quick, fun and safe. When the authorities or the organization need something from a float, they will directly adress the captains. Therefore, at least two of them (correctly identified with their bracelet) must ALWAYS be near the float. If the captains of a float are required for organizational or safety reasons, and it is impossible to identify them, the float will be immediately disqualified, no longer eligible for the awards.

According to the number of participants, each float will have the following number of captains:

a) Floats up to 30 participants: 3 captains
b) Floats from 30 to 50 participants : 4 captains
c) Floats from 51 to 75 participants : 5 captains d) Floats with 76 or more participants : 6 captains


    • Asturias flag and a basket with flowers


    • “Madrina” (patroness) or “Padrín” (patron), as preferred by the team. This person will be in charge of placing the flowers on the river at the entrance of the floats to the Nalon River in Puente d’Arcu.


    • Number assigned. This sign should appear on a board of at least 40 x 40 cm with large numbers in black on a white background and should be in a visible place at the front of the float.



SOPERINA, childrens’ award

Floats whose participants are under 16 years old will be registered in the “Soperina” category. These floats will not have a minimum number of participants and will never have dimensions greater than 2.5 meters in length, height or width.

For safety reasons, floats competing in this category CANNOT go down the river. (They must deviate on the bridge of La Chalana towards “the Prau”, the finish line). Consequently, in this category the descent by the river will not be evaluated by the jury.

As this is a category for children under 16 years old and considering the Law of the Principality of Asturias regarding alcohol consumption, it is NOT allowed to carry alcoholic beverages in these floats.

Floats of this category are allowed to register people over 16 years. Their function is to take care of the minors and the number of adults participating must be in accordance with their function.


A minimun of 10 participants is required.
Maximum dimensions are not pre-established, nor any type of restriction at the time of constructing the floats. Therefore, floats must be carried out with ease in both means (road and river) and they must be adapted to the number of participants in charge of moving it.
The organization may visit a float during its construction process at any time. For this purpose, at the time of registration, the address of the manufacturing site will be provided, or some form of contact with those responsible for manufacturing.


    • The use of any type of engine for the traction of the float.


    • The use of animal traction. Indeed, animals are not allow in the parade even as part of the scenery.


    • The use of contaminating materials that can be detached or stuck in the river, specially flotation devises. For example: oil bottles, oil, paint cans, solvent, bottles of cleaners, chemicals, batteries …


    • The use of any type of pyrotechnic material.


    • Failure to comply with these rules will imply immediate disqualification of the float and its team.




The members of the floats must take care of the FOLIXA (cheerful actitude of the team), and make sure they have all the elements required- captains, patroness, flag of Asturias and the basket with the flowers..

It is very important for both, safety and enjoyment of the public, that floats go all together, without leaving exaggerated gaps between them. The organization staff will give instructions to achieve a more fluid parade. These instructions are of MANDATORY COMPLIANCE. The judges will sanction floats that deliberately slow down the parade, depending on the case, they can sanction with a decrease in the score in the “CIVIC ATTITUDE” section. In case of repetition, they can also be disqualified.

The organization reserves the right to veto the registration of a floats or its members for subsequent editions “El Descenso” considering judges and security personnel reports.

If a float has technical problems and cannot continue, it should be immediately set aside to allow those who come behind to continue the parade. They can rejoin as soon as they solve their problems. Both, stop and restart, must be communicated to the captains of the floats that come immediately behind, as well as to the nearest member of organization.


The FOLIXA (cheerful actitude) and the descent down the river will be taken into account by the judges, while keeping the flag of Asturias on the float in a visible place.

It will be positively assesed that participants sing the song “Chalaneru” as they pass under the bridge of La Chalana.

It will be positively assessed that participants of one float help another team with problems.

During the parade, floats that for whatever reason, decide not to go down the river, they must GO DIRECTLY TO “THE PRAU” CROSSING BY THE BRIDGE OF LA CHALANA and do not continue to Puente d’arcu. Its participants will be able to rejoin the party by walk once they have left the float in “the Prau”.


It will be positively assesed that parade is liven up through songs and musical instruments. In the case of using loudspeakers,they should be proportioned and restrained. Moreover, music played should be in accordance with the theme used.


A float that deliberately hinders the parade or the descent down the river will be immediately disqualified and will not be eligible for the awards.

Floats whose participants do not abide by these rules, shown an uncivil attitude or go against the festive and cheerful spirit of “El Descenso” will receive a slight penalty that will have an impact on the score. If it is repeated, the float will be disqualified.

If these behaviors are flagrant and persistent, or if any threats, aggressions or insults are made against the staff of the organization, authorities, health services or public, the organization reserves the right to ban this float and its members in later editions.


Winners will be awarded with “La Soperina” in the children category and “La Sopera” in the adults category. Trophies will be awarded until the 15th classified possition. In addition, there will be the following special awards also endowed with a trophy:

    • Asturiania (Folkest and most traditional team)


    • Folixa (the Cheerful team)


    • Best costumes


Special awards are cumulative and can be won together with the Sopera and the Soperina. That is, the same float can won more than one, independently of the category.

Special awards are cumulative and can be won together with the Sopera and the Soperina. That is, the same float can won more than one, independently of the category.

The judges will assess the following aspects:

ASTURIANIA (Independent award)

It is an independent award, it does not score for obtaining “La Sopera”. Elements which identifies Asturias will be valued, as well as current issues of the region or ideas suporting Asturias, without necessarily being a topic related to tradition or popular culture.

In case judges consider no float meets the requirements, this award can be declared null and void.


(The score obtained in this section, will count 20% for the Sopera award. Besides, it also has its own special priz

The party, the comedy, the scenography, the songs, the staging of the theme will be valued as well as the respect for the essence of this celebration, with traditions such as asking for water to the neighbours, bringing live music instead of recorded one and ultimately: try to make the parade as entertaining and fun as possible for the public.

The parade along the road will be valued- that is, to maintain the gaps not to slow down the parade, the group image, and the appearance that is given of “El Descenso” and the village of “Laviana”. It will also be assessed the fact of compling with the instructions of the authorities and the organization, having a patroness or a patron, the Asturian flag, the flower basket, etc.

It will be positively assessed that the participants sing “El Chalaneru” all together as they pass under the bridge of La Chalana.


(The score obtained in this section will be 80% to win the the main award “La Sopera”)

The jury will take into account the following elements to assess the “Float” section:

  1. Preparation of the float, its proportions, eye-catching, finishing touchs, etc, it will count 40% of the total points in “FLOAT” section (in the childrens’ category it will be 80% since they do not go down the river)
  2. Final state of the float once in La Chalana. The judges will check how the float has resisted the fierceness of the Nalon river. They will reassess the float taking into account the damage it has suffered, never exceeding the score previously obtained in the “FLOAT” section. That means that a float that, during the parade, has obtained 8 out of 10 in the “FLOAT” section and has managed to reach La Chalana in a perfect state, will be able to repeat the note of 8 and never higher. If the river has left its mark on the float, the judges will give a grade of less than 8 counsidering its final condition. It will count 40% of the total points in the “FLOAT” section (in the childrens’ category it will be 80% since they do not go down the river)
  3. Costumes (In addition to score for float section, it will have its own trophy). It will be valued that the costumes of the participants are striking, either for its elaboration, originality, complication, and also for being the most consistent with the theme of the float. It will count 20% of the total points in the “FLOAT” section.



The behavior of the participants throughout “El Descenso” will be taken into account. The judges may withdraw 0.5 points, up to two times, in case of observing any slight fault. Therefore, they may subtract up to 1 point from the final score (out of 10) after calculating the different sections. In the case of repetition of minor faults, the float will be disqualified.


The float that earns more points, from the sum of these sections indicated above, will be the winner of the Sopera (adult section) / Soperina (childrens’ section).

“El Chalanín” will be awarded to the Peña (team) that achieve to win 3 consecutive editions or 5 non consecutive editions.


PUXA ASTURIES, PUXA LAVIANA, PUXA EL PUENTE Y PUXA LA CHALANA!!!! (And if it rains… Let it rain!!!!!!)